Bennett Road Animal Clinic, Inc.

Vaccination Policy

To help insure the protection of your pet and other pets under our care, we at Bennett Rd. Animal Clinic require that your pet be vaccinated for communicable diseases if it is to be hospitalized or surgically treated at our clinic. We ask that you provide a certificate from a licensed veterinarian documenting the required vaccinations, or that you provide us with the name of the veterinarian or clinic where vaccinations were given so we can obtain the information. If your pet is not currently vaccinated, we will provide that service upon admittance to the clinic for the appropriate fee.

We DO NOT accept owner administered vaccines as valid for the following reasons:

* Written instructions provided with over-the-counter vaccines cannot adequately educate you on proper vaccine administration . Would you vaccinate your own child for measles if the pharmacist provided you with the vaccine and syringe?

* Injury to yourself or others can occur because of lack of training . Children can pick up a needle and stick themselves, or you may be bitten while attempting to vaccinate your pet.

* Vaccines purchased over-the-counter are often improperly handled and ineffective . You have no control over the handling of the vaccine before you purchased it. Veterinarians know where their biologicals come from, and choose them based on effectiveness and handling.

* Vaccines administered to an unhealthy animal may be ineffective or even harm the pet . No animal should be vaccinated without a prior physical examination performed by a licensed veterinarian.

* Severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) may occur following routine vaccine administration . Pet owners are not equipped to handle this complication.

* Syringes and needles are considered hazardous medical waste . Disposal of such items in a landfill can lead to devastating consequences.

* PETS NEED REGULAR VETERINARY CARE . Just as your child needs regular check-ups, your pet does, too! Puppies and kittens should be examined every 2-3 weeks to insure proper growth, diet, parasite control, and behavior. Adult dogs and cats should have a complete physical every year. Early detection of tumors, diseases, and parasites helps to insure a better life for your pet AND your family.

If your pet has been vaccinated by yourself or someone other than a veterinarian, we will ask that the animals be properly vaccinated by our staff or any licensed veterinarian prior to hospitalization. The health and well-being of your companion animals and the promotion of responsible pet ownership are our primary concerns.

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