Taffy Apple Austin

07/04/2000 – 12/23/2021

Taffy has been in my Life for 21 years, I met her when I was 12 years old, we grew up together. Taffy lived like a cat should live with, curiosity, affection, bravery and devotion to her family. Taffy was there for me when my mother died and helped me through it. Taffy was like a sister to me. Now she is at peace with my late mother and her many brothers and sister animals that preceded her in death. RIP Taffy Apple Austin!


Ruger LaFave

12-26-2015 – 12-17-2021

My sweet boy passed away by a car accident. He was mine and my children’s sweet guard dog and would do anything to protect us. We will miss him dearly. His sister Remi is missing him dearly. Love you boy!